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PLEASE NOTE: Sony HDW-D2000 HDCAM VTR is used, and comes with a three-day inspection period. Picture shown is for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to condition, visible wear, and accessories shown. Please call to verify item for sale.

Sony HDW-D2000/20 (HDW-D2000, HDWD2000) HDCAM video tape recorder (VTR) with CineAlta record feature and MPEG IMX and Digital Betacam playback. A high definition VTR for prestige and mainstream programmed production.

Sony recognizes that your needs as a program maker will vary depending upon the type of program being made. This has driven the development of a multi-format high definition product offering, including HDV for entry-level HD operation, HDCAM for mainstream and prestige productions, CineAlta for 24P applications, and HDCAM SR for productions where only the ultimate quality will suffice.

HDCAM has long been associated with the production of the most prestigious movies, commercials and television programs. The recent expansion of the HDCAM product line up has transformed the economics of HD for mainstream television production, with new models such as the HDW-730S HDCAM camcorder making HD acquisition accessible to those working on standard definition budgets.