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Seamless Q-SYSª integration with audio transport and control via standard Gigabit Ethernet protocols and hardware. Capable of providing up to 4,000 W peak and 2,500 W continuous with Low-Z, 70V, or 100V direct drive available on all channels. Eight channel CXD-Q models also feature eight channels of mic/line input directly on the back of the amplifier and act as a Q-SYS on-ramps in addition to amplification.Ê Touch-proof Euroblock loudspeaker connections. Flexible Amplifier Summing Technologyª (FAST) permits up to four channels to be combined for higher output power. PowerLight universal switchmode power supply with PFC for highest efficiency, and low weight. Eight bi-directional GPIO connections that can be used for analog or digital inputs or outputs to/from Q-SYS. Built-in energy saving modes ensure that the amplifier will draw the minimum amount of AC power while still providing outstanding audio quality.

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