Grass Valley Kahuna 9600 Production Switcher

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PLEASE NOTE:Product is used, and comes with a three-day inspection period. Product may vary due to condition, visible wear, and accessories shown. Please call to verify item for sale.

Includes: 4ME Production Switcher with 3D DVE 48 x 32 I/O 3G with Internal Multiviewer

Suited for larger scale 4K UHD and 1080p environments, Kahuna 9600 supports the most complex productions including multiple studio operations. The Kahuna 9600 provides up to 24 M/Es, 48 keyers and 72 key layers, which can be shared across multiple studios. Along with the advanced 3D DVE, the Kahuna 9600 features new 2.5D resize engines, giving more power at the M/E level.

Powered by Grass Valley innovation, Kahuna 9600 has a feature set that has never been possible until now and offers a completely scalable path to all functionality and format requirements.

For sporting events, light entertainment shows, news production and presentations ? either in the studio control room, mobile vehicle or flyaways ? the Kahuna 9600 possesses the flexibility, adaptability and creativity to differentiate your program output.