For-A DSC-100/200

For-A DSC-100/200

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The DSC-100/200 is a device for switching camera parameters in FOR-A’s virtual studio and RCG system. Normally, one CG processor is required for each camera for compositing with CG images. The DSC-100, however, enables switching of the input camera parameters for effectively using the CG processor.


Supports building of multi-camera sensor systems: The camera parameters needed for CG compositing are changed at the stage before the CG processor for effectively using the CG processor when operating a multiple-camera virtual studio system and for eliminating the need for a CG processor for each camera
Two available lines for camera parameter output setting: Separate camera settings can be made for each line for building an on-air/next system when two CG processors are used
8-port (DSC-100)/16-port (DSC-200) RS-422 interface: This collects the various data needed for the virtual studio, including the camera sensors, for eliminating complicated data handling processes
Enables linked operation with the Digital Video Switcher HANABI series: The DSC-100/200 operates in tandem with the switching settings of the video switcher for providing seamless compositing of the appropriate CG image on the camera video
Easy-to-operate, intuitive GUI: Settings can be easily made on a PC.
Built-in redundant power supply

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