Evertz XE8-128×128 Xenon Router Frame


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PLEASE NOTE: Product is used, and comes with a three-day inspection period. Picture shown is for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to condition, visible wear, and accessories shown. Please call to verify item for sale.

Includes: Evertz Magnum-SE-R32P. Configured: Video 96×96, Audio 32×32-(3) XE-IP32HX, (3) XE-OP32HX, (1) XE-IP32-AA, (1) XE-OP32-AA, (2) XE-FU, (4) PS0020 Power Supplies 

The Xenon allows any mix of formats within a frame in independent blocks of 32 inputs or outputs. Any of the supported formats, 3G/HD/SD/AES/Analog, can be expanded to fill an entire 128×128 frame. Additionally the Xenon supports optical routing from 3Mb/s to 3Gb/s in blocks of 32 inputs or outputs. The Xenon is housed in a 8RU frame, switching up to 128 sources to 128 destinations.

  • Multiple signal formats within a single frame
  • Optional output reclocking in blocks of 8 outputs
  • All outputs can switch in one TV frame
  • Dual reference inputs
  • Advanced audio features including Soft Switching
  • Dolby-E™ signal compatible
  • Redundant internal controllers
  • Q-Link, Ethernet and RS-485 control interfaces
  • Deterministic switching
  • SNMP and system monitoring
  • Powerful and intuitive WinSetup Software
  • Clean switch option (SPT Module)