Arri Alexa Classic High Speed Camera

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PLEASE NOTE: Product is used, and comes with a three-day inspection period. Product may vary due to condition, visible wear, and accessories shown. Please call to verify item for sale.


– EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder 3833
-BAB-G Battery Adapter Back, Gold Mount
-VMB-2 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket
-KC150S VF Interface Cable 30cm
-KC151S VF Interface Cable 100cm
-VEB-1 Viewfinder Ext. Bracket
-Alexa Ethernet Cable KC 153-S
-Alexa 12V Access Cable KC 154
-WA-1 Wedge Adapter
-BPA-1 Bridge Plate Adapter
-LB-1 Leveling Block
-SP-3 Shoulder Mount
-CCH-1 Center Camera Handle
-HEB-2 Handle Extension Bracket
-ASD-1 Arri SD Card S X S Pro Card 32G (qty 5) BDH91311,12,13,14, & 15\

The Arri Alexa Classic EV is built with a 35 format ALEV III CMOS sensor. Rated at ISO 800 and 2.8K, it comes with 14+ exposure latitude with 7 stops of over-exposure and another 7 for underexposure. This allows the camera to have a lot of flexibility when it comes to color grading and allows it to capture more detail both in highlights and in dark areas.

The camera can also record up to 60 frames per second, although there might be some limitations to this depending on the recording format and recording media used. In terms of recording outputs, the camera can produce both HD-SDI video and Arri’s proprietary raw files called ARRIRAW, which contains both static and dynamic metadata. Its excellent image quality gives you the flexibility to up-sample or down-sample the final product to HD, 2K, or even 4K resolution.