Alteros GTX32 Wireless Transceiver Module


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The Alteros GTX32 Wireless Transceiver Module connects to the GTX3224 control unit via standard shielded Cat 5 cable. This cable is readily available, and indeed is already used throughout most facilities, broadcast or not. The GTX Series system can utilize runs of up to 1,000 feet with Cat 5 cable, compared to the 300 or 500 feet that is typical with the microphone cable currently used in most systems. Plus, traditional microphone cable is expensive and much more dif cult to use than Cat 5.

Quick and Easy Setup
The GTX Series gives you the ability to set up and confirm operation of 32 transceivers and 24 transmitters in a few hours. The importance of this cannot be overstated. With most wireless systems currently on the market, designing for their use in a broadcast studio starts months ? or even a year ? in advance. Careful consideration must be given to frequency coordination, use of accessory antennas and distribution boxes, connection of custom or expensive filters (and the very expensive cables used for connection), building and running of expensive microphone cables, allocation of space and power to large racks of receivers, antenna distribution gear, and breakouts for digital output devices (such as MADI or Dante) if interfacing with a network/ protocol system. Such a system takes months to install, debug and qualify. With the GTX Series, it is possible to completely place, connect, debug and perform 100% coverage commissioning in a few hours .