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Bexel Sales offers competitive prices on b-stock and gently used audio equipment.

Browse our ever-changing inventory that may include audio mixers, microphones ranging from handheld, headsets, lavalier, shotgun, and more, as well as RF IFBs, and RF mics, speakers, and walkie talkies. All gear is subject to availability.

If you are in the market for new equipment, you can shop by Manufacturer on our directory page.

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  • Sale!

    Alteros GTX32 Wireless Transceiver Module

    $745.00 $595.00
  • DPA 4061-FM Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone, Beige Microdot

  • Lake Theatrephone HSM6240 Headphone Surround Processor

  • Lectrosonics SRb B20 Dual CH ENG Receiver

  • Lectrosonics UH400A B20 Frequency Agile Plug-On UHF Transmitter

  • Lectrosonics VRT B20 Venue System Tracking Receiver Module

  • Soundfield SP451 B-Format to 5.1 Surround Processor