If you’re looking to sell 10 products or less, please fill in this form as completely as possible and one of our sales associates with contact you shortly to discuss our ability to sell your equipment.

For larger inventory listings, please give us a call at (818) 565-4339.

Please review the Consignment Agreement.

  1. All Consignment Activity (including but not limited to consigning and picking up of unsold items) must be done Monday-Friday between 10:30 a.m. & 3:30 p.m. PST and by appointment to our showroom located at 7850 Ruffner ave, Van Nuys, CA. 91406.
  2. Bexel sets appropriate prices on items based upon a combination of experience, knowledge of market trends, and current resale values. Bexel will make commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the highest possible price for the equipment consigned. If the Consignor wishes to specify a minimum price they are willing to accept for an item that price must be in writing on this contract.
  3. Proceeds on items selling for more than $500.00 are split 20/80 between Bexel and the Consignor. Proceeds on items below $500.00 are split 35/65 between Bexel and the Consignor.
  4. Bexel offers a 72-hour Inspection Period on all equipment sold. Once the purchaser accepts the item or the 72-hour period ends, Bexel will generate a check within 30 days payable to the Consignor listed below.
  5. Bexel typically does not accept items with a resale value less than $250.00.
  6. Bexel displays all consignment equipment in our Van Nuys, CA location and may also display on our eBay Store. If any equipment should sell through the eBay site, the Consignor will be responsible for all eBay listing, PayPal payment and final value fees. These fees will be deducted from the Consignor’s portion of the sale proceeds. If the Consignor wishes to exclude their equipment from being listed on eBay they must indicate it below.
  7. Consignments must be in complete working condition. Any known defects should be brought to our attention upon presentation. If defects are discovered after an item has been consigned, Bexel may do any or all of the following: Tag item sold “as-is”; reduce price of item for a quick sale; or return the item to the Consigner. If the Consignor wishes to have the unit repaired a $150.00 estimate fee as well as any charges for parts and additional labor ($150.00/hr.) will be deducted from the consignor’s portion of the sale amount.
  8. Consignor will deliver or arrange for the delivery of the equipment to Bexel with all shipping and handling charges to be paid by Consignor to and from Bexel. Bexel will not be held responsible for loss or damage to the equipment in transit to or from our Burbank location.
  9. Bexel will take reasonable care of all consigned items and is not liable for the loss or damage to any consigned item. Consignor should maintain adequate insurance for theft and damage, sufficient to protect the consigned equipment while in Bexel’s possession.
  10. Bexel reserves the right to review the terms of this contract and to make reasonable adjustments as necessary. Bexel also reserves the right to terminate this or any contract without notice.
  11. Consignor is required to submit a completed W9 at the time of consignment. Once the item is sold, Bexel will request an invoice from Consignor and payment will be made within 30 days of receipt.

Product Information

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How to Consign Your Gear

Step 1 - What to Consign? | Bexel TSS Consignment Process1. What to Consign?

We currently accept professional video, audio & lighting equipment. We’re looking for gear that have a potential resale above $259.

Step 2 - Send Us Your List | Bexel TSS Consignment Process2. Send Us Your List

Fill out the form or send us an excel list with your chosen gear. Our team will contact you to help get your first shipment on the move.

Step 3 - Send Us Your Stuff | Bexel TSS Consignment Process3. Send Us Your Stuff

Ship or deliver your gear to our Van Nuys office. Upon arrival we inspect and appraise your gear and will carefully research your items for a fair market price.

Step 4 - Sit Back and Relax | Bexel TSS Consignment Process4. Sit Back and Relax

Our team will take care of the rest. We inventory, market & display your gear for customers to purchase. We even ship it for you once it sells.

Step 5 - Get Paid! | Bexel TSS Consignment Process5. Get Paid

Once your gear has sold, you will receive your check in the mail or a credit to your account! Receive payment for up to 80% of each item sold.